Don't want to Manage Points?
Here is a Programs that does not use them!

Finally a Rewards Program that is easy to install and implement. Designed for Small and Medium sized Businesses that want a powerful and flexible way to increase their presence in the market.

No special loyalty cards or coupons to clip, the system uses the customers' Smartphone as a Rewards Card. When they enter the "communications zone", the deals go directly to their phone. 

Think of it as a Digital Coupon. One that can be changed each hour, each day!
Brings traffic to participating businesses. Keep customers up-to-date. Easy to implement.

Step 1
 Sign Up for the LoyalBlocks Program
It is easy. Merchants Sign-Up for the Program. Set up your account.
Step 2
 Set Up the Base Station (Android Device)

This is the device that turns your store into an interactive Rewards Zone.
Step 3
Invite customers to join your Loyalty Program
Input your Rewards, Deals and Coupons. It is totally flexible, change them whenever you want to.
Step 4
Reap the Benefits

Build your Customer Base and extend your Marketing Reach.

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