Talk about flexible. If you do not want to Manage points? You can have a Program that does not use them!

A Rewards Program that send deals directly to customers' Smart Phones

Traditional Loyalty Programs for Small Business

Brings traffic to participating businesses. Use LoyalBlocks to keep customers up-to-date. Send Promotions directly to their smart phones. It is simple. 

Merchants sign up and install the software. Then input the deals, rewards and coupons.

Customers down-load the app and sign up. When they are near the business, the deals are sent to their smart Phones.

Change the deals daily or hourly. This is an easy way to communicate with current customers and attract new ones. 

Our Loyalty Programs are easy to implement and can be launched in a few days.

Implement  loyalty campaigns across multiple channels. Combine them with direct mail, email campaigns and social media to target specific groups with loss-leaders and discounts.  

Loyalty Programs are an elegant way to communicate with customers. Use the data analytics included in the service to plan inventory, expansions and promotions.


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